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SupplyOn Sourcing

Efficient request for quotation and maximum awareness

Buyers nowadays have to ensure a transparent process for initiating business transactions and therefore value the benefits of electronic bid evaluation. Quotations submitted via fax or e-mail will therefore be frequently disregarded when work is being awarded. With SupplyOn Sourcing, you can more efficiently organize the inquiry and proposal process with your customers – and thereby optimize the quality of your sales.

How the proposal process via SupplyOn works

As a registered user, simply login to the SupplyOn online platform. SupplyOn Sourcing provides you with a structured overview of all requests received, quotations issued and award decisions. All messages are transmitted electronically and securely via our online platform, thereby preventing media disruptions. You can download any documents necessary for processing and continue to work on them internally. Even complex inquiries are thus easy to handle: simply download the inquiry as an Excel file and upload it again to SupplyOn Sourcing once it has been completed.

The benefits for you

  • By submitting your quotations via SupplyOn, you ensure that your quotations are taken into account when the decision to award work is being made.
  • Automated reminder e-mails ensure that you respond to inquiries on time.
  • The clear structuring of the request reduces the need for consultation on both sides.
  • You can keep track of requests and quotations submitted at all times.

Social Collaboration in SupplyOn Sourcing

The Social Collaboration function lets you communicate about inquiries from your customer regarding a specific transaction directly from SupplyOn Sourcing. The benefit of this: communication takes place in a manner which is directly linked to the case concerned – rather than via the inboxes of individual persons. The entire communication is therefore documented in a comprehensive manner and all those involved have access to the same information. Learn more about SupplyOn Social Collaboration

Further Information

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