Integrated Transport Management

Dynamic network planning

In volatile transport networks, fluctuating transport volumes, new suppliers and new carriers lead to obsolete transport structures (for example, hub concepts) and routes (for example, sequence of pick-ups in a milk run). After initial optimization, transport costs can rise again without regularly optimized transport structures or routes. 

In dynamic networks: Transport management with integrated transport planning

If the transport network changes frequently – as a result of fluctuating volumes or new suppliers and forwarders, for example – you benefit from the regular optimization provided by integrated transport planning. The following options help you to continuously reproduce current transport structures and routes in the transport management system:

  • Strategic transport planning creates an optimized network and optimized transport structures that serve as a basis for tactical transport planning.
  • Periodic tactical transport planning determines the most cost-effective routes in terms of pick-up and delivery addresses depending on the quantities to be transported.
  • During dynamic planning, loads are planned on the basis of current requirements or orders. The transport management solution passes on details of these loads to the logistics service provider providing transport.

Your benefits from dynamic network planning

  • You can permanently reduce your freight costs by continually optimizing the transport network on the basis of specific historical data and planned deliveries
  • You benefit from greater transparency in your global logistics network
  • This allows you to carry out network planning on this basis of reliable data.

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