Integrated Transport Management

Dock/slot management

Bottlenecks frequently occur at the docks and slots of goods receipt: Bays, space and workers are in short supply. Shipping companies are forced to sit on their hands if the window of time for loading and unloading operations is not optimally planned, a development that also drives up transport costs.

To ensure smooth occupancy at docks and slots, SupplyOn has developed a dock/slot management solution that enables shipping companies to book open windows of time. As an alternative option, the system is also designed to issue specific windows of time to shippers.

In the solution's master data, the operation times of docks and slots or product categories for certain docks and slots are defined and managed. A dock monitor visualizes slot utilization and provides an overview of available docks and windows of time. The information about booked slots also helps employees working at the entrance to warehouse facilities identify and register vehicles seeking to enter a company's premises. The dock-reporting system determines how well docks and slots are being utilized as well as evaluates shipper reliability.

Your benefits from dock/slot management

  • Unnecessary idle and waiting times by shipping companies can be completely eliminated or kept to a bare minimum, resulting in lower freight costs
  • The organized, transparent procedures at warehouse entrances and on the ramp cut administrative expenses and process costs
  • Thanks to the optimal use of forklifts and workers, material and personnel costs fall as well

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Werner Busenius