Integrated Transport Management

Systematic container management

Everyday, a multitude of containers move in a complex cycle between your plants, suppliers, partners and logistics providers – often with no systematic control. You don’t want to risk delayed delivery of goods, so you keep a high inventory and thereby tie up capital unnecessarily.


Improve delivery performance despite lower inventory


What you need is a central system that pools all information on container flows, localization of container requirements and availability of empty containers. The container management solution from SupplyOn ensures intelligent networking of data from all process participants through a shared platform. You gain transparency of container and cargo carrier movements and can systematically control the cycle.

How you benefit from container management

  • Improved utilization of available containers lets you reduce your inventory. This helps you save warehouse costs.
  • Container losses and damages are reduced because you can properly allocate damages according to the ‘originator pays’ principle.
  • Delivery performance is improved since optimized planning helps prevent bottlenecks resulting from a lack of containers.
  • Reliable container data allows you to combine material transports with empties and thereby make optimal use of capacity.
  • Systematic container management enables you to form leasing models with your suppliers and transport service providers. This helps generate shorter turnaround times and improved container utilization.

Why use container management from SupplyOn?

Your main benefit: You’ll become a part of our existing global network that already includes 2,500 carriers and logistics service providers as well as 12,000 suppliers. With so many of your partners already tied to the network – what are you waiting for? Contact us.

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Werner Busenius