Integrated Transport Management

Integrated transport management

There is enormous savings potential in freight management. However, you can only leverage that potential if your material requirement process and the transport process are intelligently linked. Until now, this was very difficult to achieve because the parties involved have operated in isolated systems. Relevant information is thus maintained only locally.

How you can significantly lower logistics costs

For the first time ever, SupplyOn's transport management solution gives you a centralized system that pools information from all parties involved in the process. SupplyOn’s integrated solution covers the entire process: from the requirement notification to the shipment and transport planning and even the freight invoices.

All of your suppliers and carriers are connected to the solution. This means that all transport-relevant data and processes are managed via a central platform. Even highly complex logistics networks can be designed to ensure cost optimization and transparency. Best of all A total of 2,500 forwarders and logistics service providers are already connected to the network and use this solution.

How we support you

Dynamic network planning
Permanently reduce your freight costs by continually optimizing your transport network.

Freight cost calculation
By maintaining complex tariff structures in a centralized freight tariff database available worldwide, you can always determine the best route for the lowest price.

Container management
With a central system, you enjoy greater transparency in container and cargo carrier movements. Control the cycle systematically and avoid unnecessarily large container stocks. By combining container and transport management, you can also reduce transport costs.


How you benefit from SupplyOn transport management

  • Transport-relevant data are available early in the process and form the basis for company-wide transport consolidation. This allows you to significantly lower your transport costs.
  • Track and Trace on an article number level gives you total transparency of the whereabouts of goods and improves your transport security.
  • You benefit from greater transparency in your global logistics network. This allows you to generate your network planning based on reliable data.