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Initial sampling

Exchange data quickly and easily

An important part of the initial sampling process consists in carrying out a complete test of the samples under mass-production conditions to ensure that they offer the necessary product properties.

SupplyOn assists you in testing your initial samples and relieves you of administrative work. You are automatically informed of incoming reports and can easily exchange specifications, attachments and result reports. You and your suppliers are saved the time-consuming task of sifting through large piles of papers with information from countless measuring points. Instead, you can immediately evaluate the test reports you receive using your computer. If any changes are needed, SupplyOn notifies your suppliers as necessary.

How you benefit from initial sampling from SupplyOn:

  • The facility to exchange data in a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner ensures that your suppliers receive complete, up-to-the-minute and transparent test reports.
  • You can avoid entry errors and can shorten processing times.
  • Your suppliers are able to produce initial samples exactly according to your specifications, and you can begin mass production earlier on.

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Werner Busenius