Reduce tied-up capital thanks to optimized value flows

SupplyOn’s Kanban system allows you to call up goods from suppliers according to your actual consumption: a Kanban signal is automatically triggered as soon as a container is empty and SupplyOn immediately informs your supplier that the next delivery is due. As goods are replenished according to actual consumption, fluctuations in production on your side no longer lead to excess or insufficient stock levels.

How you benefit from Kanban with SupplyOn:

  • The fact that call-ups are triggered as a result of actual consumption allows you to reduce your stock levels, the amount of capital tied up in stock and your overall capital costs.
  • You benefit from high supply reliability and rule out any bottlenecks owing to insufficient inventory.

When you use Self-billing invoice in addition to Kanban through SupplyOn, you can automate the overall process even further. You can thereby quickly integrate both EDI-capable suppliers and suppliers working in the SupplyOn Web front-end in a consistent procure-to-pay process. Please contact us – we would be happy to discuss how SupplyOn can help you.

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Werner Busenius