Privacy Notice

Data Protection Instructions (as per section 13 of the Telemedia Act) 
It is natural for SupplyOn to take the protection of your personal data seriously. We should like you to feel secure when you visit our website.

Collection and processing of your personal data
You can usually visit our site without the need to provide personal data. We collect personal data only if you furnish it of your own accord, e.g. if you contact us by e-mail or when you log in, enroll for a training course, register for the newsletter or request materials or documents to be sent to you. It goes without saying that we treat these personal details confidentially. They are processed solely for the intended purpose. If you decide to become a contractual partner of ours, we collect, process and use your personal data as part of the contractual relationship. We inform you of the purposes for and extent to which we collect, process and use your data when the contract is concluded.

When you log in to the SupplyOn portal, register or enroll for a training course, we use session cookies to identify your user session. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor's local browser cache. As a result of their use, your browser is assigned a unique ID that enables bidirectional communication between it and our application. You are responsible for deleting the cookies transferred to your browser. You should configure your browser so that cookies are automatically deleted when it is closed.

In addition, we use an analysis tool from etracker GmbH ( which collects and stores data to enable creation of a pseudonymized user profile. etracker GmbH stores a permanent cookie in your browser program to allow your browser to be recognized. This data does not permit any details of your person to be directly deduced. The profiles are not used to identify visitors to this Internet site personally. They are not linked to data about the person behind the pseudonym. You can object to the collection and storage of data by etracker GmbH using the permanent cookie at any time with future effect.

You can configure your browser so that it informs you of the placement of cookies. This ensures that the use of cookies is transparent for you. You can disable acceptance of cookies in your browser settings. However, if you do so you will no longer be able to log in to the SupplyOn portal, register or enroll for training courses.

Data on usage
When you visit our Internet site, our provider's Web servers store the following data:  the IP address of your Internet service provider or proxies, the session cookie, the Web browser used, the Internet site you visit us from, the pages you visit on our site, the date and time you access them, the data volume transferred and the access status (page found/not found). 
This information is vital to enable technical transfer of the Internet site and secure server operation. It is analyzed only for statistical purposes. Such analyses allow us to tailor our Web pages to your needs and optimize them. A personalized analysis of the data is not conducted, nor is the data disclosed to third parties, either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

We erase the data on usage as soon as processing or use of it is no longer necessary for utilization of the Internet site.

We need your e-mail address to be able to send you the SupplyOn newsletter free of charge. Once you have completed the fields and pressed the "send" button, a confirmation mail is sent to the e-mail address you specified. Your registration does not become effective until you confirm the link contained in the confirmation mail. Your data is used solely for sending the newsletter. You can revoke your consent to processing of the data required for sending the SupplyOn newsletter at any time with future effect, for example by clicking on the link at the end of each newsletter or sending an e-mail to cancel it to the following address:
Your data is then removed from the mailing system.

Right of information
For queries regarding data protection, you can contact our operational data protection officer at or in writing at the address given in the imprint. Upon request, we will inform you in writing in accordance with the applicable legislation whether and which personal data of yours are stored by us.


Social plug-ins (on the SupplyOn corporate blog)

Initial setting: Deactivated
In the interests of data protection, we have deliberately decided not to integrate social plug-ins (such as Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, the Twitter button or the Google +1 button) into our site. For this reason, when you visit our site it will not normally send any data to social media services such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This prevents you from being profiled by any third party.

Activation is possible if you want it
However, we have no wish to prevent those visitors who want to use social plug-ins from doing so. Our corporate blog does therefore give you the option of enabling social media plug-ins. Please be aware that activating such a plug-in does cause certain data to be transmitted to the provider of the corresponding social media service, for example:

-the address of the website on which the active social plug-in is located,

-information about your browser and operating system,

-the date and time the website was called or the plug-in was activated,

-your current IP address.

If you are already logged in to the corresponding social media service when you activate the plug-in, the above information is already sufficient to enable the service provider to establish your user name and possibly even your real name.
Providers of social media services can also process this data in countries outside the European Union. We have no influence on the scope, nature or purpose of processing carried out by providers of social media services. Please note that providers of social media services are perfectly capable of using the above data to create pseudonymous and even personalized user profiles. You can deactivate a previously activated social media plug-in at any time, but this has no effect on any data that has already been transferred to the social media service provider. 

Two clicks – activation and use
You can recognize a disabled social media plug-in by the fact that it is highlighted in gray. No external content is loaded and no data is transferred.

Your first click on a grayed-out social media plug-in activates it, and it is then displayed in color. At this point data is already being transferred to the social media provider. You can now click on the plug-in a second time to actually use it.

Enable social media plug-ins permanently
You also have the option of permanently enabling the plug-ins of one or more social media provider. To do this, click on the gearwheel icon and then click on the desired social media provider. Please be aware that this enables the social media service provider to carry out even more extensive profiling. You will see ticks marking those social plug-ins that you have permanently activated.

You can also any time cancel the permanent activation simply by removing the ticks you previously set.