March 23, 2015

SupplyOn’s consistent industry approach rewarded with international success

Worldwide network of automotive, aerospace, and railway industries further expanded along the entire supply chain

SupplyOn AG, the provider of the shared supply chain collaboration platform for global manufacturing companies, has again notched up significant growth, generating revenues of €36 million in 2014. 

Its success is largely due to its decisive expansion in the automotive, aerospace, and railroad industries. “For our customers, SupplyOn is part of their global supply chain strategy – aimed at enabling them to network with their trading partners and maintain optimal control of processes throughout the supply chain. Our solutions, which were developed in close consultation with market leaders in the various industries, make it possible to establish uniform processes within an industry – from operator and OEM to Tier N supplier,” explains Markus Quicken, CEO of SupplyOn AG. “The resultant communities form the basis for increasing the industries’ competitiveness and achieving sustainable cost reductions.” 

SupplyOn has consistently applied this industry approach since the company was founded 15 years ago. It was first implemented for the automotive industry. Later, the manufacturer Airbus led the way for the aerospace industry, and since last year Deutsche Bahn and Bombardier have applied the same approach to the railway industry. SupplyOn sees considerable potential in other industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, and the high-tech and electronics industries. 

SupplyOn has also made gains internationally, including in the growing Chinese market: of the 12,000 connected companies all over the world, 13% come from there, followed by the USA with a share of 10%. 

In order to continue its sustainable growth in the future, SupplyOn invested around €13 million last year in the development of its solutions, including an extended purchase-to-pay solution that paves the way for substantial savings in the procurement of all types of goods – from indirect materials through production materials to services. This year, SupplyOn plans investments of around €14 million.

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