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High-tech and electronics

The high-tech and electronics industry is characterized by short product lifecycles and a great need for transparency with regard to suppliers’ material availability and manufacturing capacities. In addition, it is also influenced by permanent product innovations that are sustained by an intensive cooperation with suppliers.

Added to this is a complex production process with a high number of individual parts and components and strong consumer expectations concerning availability of the products, because: you can’t sell something that is not on the shelf.

This only functions when manufacturers can rely on transparent, seamless processes with suppliers and service providers. The close integration of external partners in all areas of collaboration is a must in the industry.

This is where SupplyOn comes in

The collaboration solutions from SupplyOn create the transparency required in the sensitive supply chain of the high-tech and electronics industry. Short-term fluctuations in demand are automatically communicated with the relevant partner in the supply chain, which both increases supply reliability and prevents the unnecessary buildup of high inventories.