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Product lifecycles lasting several decades, highly collaborative processes with suppliers, extremely high quality requirements – these are the key features of production in the aerospace industry. Success here requires not only continuous process optimization, but also the seamless integration of external partners into business processes.


This is where SupplyOn comes in

As a specialist for cross-company processes, SupplyOn was selected several years ago by the European aerospace industry to be the strategic partner with key industry players in the joint development of an SCM solution. The resulting solution, AirSupply, optimally supports the coordination processes between customers and suppliers and offers its established processes for the aerospace industry on a shared Web platform.

The development of AirSupply is rooted in an initiative to standardize processes and data formats within the European aerospace industry called BoostAeroSpace. This company was founded by Airbus Group, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales to steer a range of online services, among which AirSupply covers the area of Supply Chain Management. The final goal is to increase the competitiveness of the European Aerospace and Defence industry by strengthening collaboration and communication between suppliers and customers of this industry.



Success has proven us right

With some 1,500 companies, almost all of the important players of the European aerospace industry are now connected via SupplyOn. The vision of BoostAeroSpace in which the entire industry is linked and can work together via one central platform has become a reality.


How many of your business partners are already using SupplyOn?

When they rolled out AirSupply, Premium AEROTEC, a maker of aircraft structures and fuselage parts, determined that some 90 percent of its suppliers already worked with SupplyOn – which helped them realize a very swift rollout within just a few months.
Take the test: we will determine how many of your suppliers already work with SupplyOn and could therefore be seamlessly integrated in your processes in a very short time. 

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Werner Jannings